Friday, April 30, 2010

Feeling like Julie Andrews

Springtime is my favorite time of year: just makes me want to burst into song with its delights. The weather is finally warm enough to get outside and do all the fall chores I put off until winter weather made them impossible. The ground is bursting into life, surprising me with reminders of flowers I had forgotten were planted there. This spring the flowers have gone insane. Things that have NEVER bloomed are covered with blossoms. All the rain in the winter must have done wonders for their root systems. Allergy sufferers everywhere in the city are miserable. I'm SO thankful my family has been spared.
I also love watching baby chickens hatch. Three of my hens have "gone broody"- meaning that they stay in a nesting box and try to defend the eggs they have laid with their life. If they manage to stay on the eggs for 3 weeks, then they are rewarded with babies and they will only return to laying eggs once the chicks are functioning well on their own. I have been taking the eggs from two of them, but one that I know was an attentive mama from last year, I have allowed to keep about 6 eggs. Should hatch in the next week or so. I plan on building her a nice private broody house to raise them in sometime this week.
Then it will be on to building a rabbit run so that the bunny can get outside too!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

No, no news yet!

Yes, I am aware that it has been a long time since we started this process. I've actually been reminding God of this fact a lot recently. "Have you forgotten us?" "Have you forgotten there are children involved here?!" I finally felt the answer in my heart yesterday...."did I say this would be easy?" Um, well no. "Did you sign up for this knowing it could take a while, and still be worth it?" Um, yes. Gulp. The agony and pain of the wait disolved as the veil dropped and revealed root cause: my selfishness. I want what I want when I want it. I don't like having to wait. Buti DO trust God's timing and know that we are in the homestretch while God builds myknowledge base on the needs of adoptive kids. So hang in there, dear friends. I anticipate good news soon.

Parenting tips from my pets

My mom tried so hard. She begged, she reminded, she instructed and demonstrated. Guess who finally taught me to make my bed? My border collie. If I neglect to make my bed, I return to find it filled with dirt. She LOVES to sleep in my bed and she doesn't wipe her feet when she comes in. If the bedspread is not pulled tight and secured,she will paW it into a lovely nest to curl up in, depositing most of the dirt from her paws in the process. What an AWFUL feeling to climb into a sandbox of a bed at night. So moms of the world, take heart, you now have a secret instructional tool at your disposal- just sprinkle dirt in unmade beds you encounter and blame it on the dog! Your kids will be making their bed in no time flat!
And guess who taught me to pick up my clothes off the floor? My cats. (Yes,you guessed how...they pee on them, hide poop in them,etc.) I DON'T reccomend peeing on your kids' clothes, but recycling poops from the litter box might be effective. Just be sure to let your spouse in on the plan or you could come home one day to find that your pets have been taken to the pound.
Best wishes!
More later on what my chickens have taught me....